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Alarming U.S Health Insurance Facts

Healthcare costs in the U.S are increasing by the day; so much so that healthcare is actually becoming too expensive for a number of American families. Even when national healthcare spending increases at a rate of 7% per annum and outpaces economic growth, many Americans find themselves left out of the health insurance loop, simply because it is fast becoming a very expensive proposition.

The increase in health care costs and the removal of an insurance umbrella has acted like a double whammy for many Americans; almost 50 million plus Americans are now without health insurance. This means that on-time medical care is not being made available to not only those from the low-income group but also to those in the moderate- to middle-income segment.


A staggering one in five American under the age of sixty-five is paying off medical debts for past expenses. This is eating away into the retirement savings of American families. The condition is so bad that Americans with debilitating chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes but no insurance coverage are actually skipping medicine because they cannot afford it.


The key findings are indeed food for thought –

  • 41% of American families with an income up to $40,000 per annum were without health insurance for some part of the previous year.
  • More than 53% of those with an income below $20,000 were likely to be without health insurance.
  • The majority of the uninsured belong to working families.
  • The cost of medical care is so high that even insured Americans are paying off medical debts and around 44% of those in debts were carrying $2000 or more in debt.
  • A very high percentage 34% of Americans between 19 years and 64 years of age had to change their lifestyle to pay off medical bills.
  • An astonishing 62% or three out of five Americans said that their family member was insured at the time the medical debt was incurred.
  • 51% of uninsured Americans had problems paying their medical bills and many of these had used up their savings to pay for the bills.
  • 59% of those with a chronic condition and gaps in insurance find it increasingly difficult to get treatment for conditions such as asthma and diabetes.
  • Uninsured adults were much less likely to get preventive treatment, be it for dental check-ups or cardio problems.
  • A large number of uninsured people also have to face the problem of duplicate reports; the issue is a serious drain on their finances and totally needless. This problem is far less pronounced with insured patients.

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