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Individual Health Insurance
Suppose you're not a person that has a family, but you still want to get health insurance for yourself because who's better than
number one right? Good thing for you it's not too difficult to find individual health insurance, because not everyone is part of 
a family. With the divorce rate nearly fifty percent, that leaves a lot of people who would need individual health insurance. Not
only that, but who wants to pay all that money when something goes wrong with you? You dish out a few thousand dollars for a surgery,
you lose all that money, sure you get better but then all you're doing is saving up for the next time something like that happens.
Getting individual health insurance is a very good move if you're the daredevil type, life insurance might be right up your alley as
well. Individual health insurance is good for everyone, because nobody is immune to the frailty that life beckons.

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