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Churchill Car Insurance
Churchill car insurance is one of the many car insurance companies that exist today. Their main claim is
that they guarantee to beat your car insurance renewal quote as long as the cover is on an equivalent
basis to theirs, and you haven't made a claim in the last three years. They're supposedly one of the 
better car insurance companies because they give you good discounts such as 24 hour accident recovery,
repairs guaranteed for 5 years, medical expenses following an accident and much more. They're not a very
well-known company because you don't see their commercials on TV, but they may be an example of how TV
isn't the be all end all of insurance companies. It just means that those companies are willing to spend
the money to get a spot on TV. But like all insurance companies, when looking for one you need to compare
their rates with one another online to make sure you're getting the best deal you can get.

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