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Discount Auto Insurance
When looking to get car insurance, you may feel overwhelmed by all the insurance companies you have to 
choose from, when really it shouldn't be that difficult. It's not that hard to get good discount auto
insurance, you just need to look out for the right aspects of insurance companies. The first thing you'll
want to look at is the insurance rates. For this you can just go online and compare them. Progressive is
a good company that lets you compare their rates with those of other insurance companies. It's also 
important to understand how deductibles work. A deductible for those who don't know, is the amount you 
must pay your insurance company before they pay the rest of the accident/incident off. Suppose your car is
in an accident and it will cost you about $5000. If your insurance company has a $500 deductible, that 
means you need to pay $500, and your insurance will pay the $4500. Understanding deductibles is the 
foundation for choosing the right insurance company for you, and whether an insurance company with a low
monthly premium is right for you, or if an insurance company with a high monthly premium and a low deductible
is right for you.

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