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Geico Insurance

You've seen the hillarious cavemen commercials, you've seen the ironic gecko mascot, but maybe you're still wondering whether
this insurance company is all they're cracked up to be. Geico is known today as the fourth largest auto insurer in the
United States, as well as the fastest growing major auto insurer to this day. They also offer many other types of insurance
such as life insurance, apartment insurance, umbrella insurance, RV insurance, flood insurance, boat insurance, and the list
just goes on and on. Their rates are so low because Founder Leo Goodwin determined that he could deilver auto insurance
at reduced prices by going to prime customer groups, and marketing directly to them. Throughout the years they have
continued to offer affordable insurance of all kinds by improving on this method, and stand as one of the great choices for
an insurance company should you need one. Geico has 12 major offices around the country, does military service, in addition
to providing 24hour service, all 356 days of the year. Their commercials which are so simple and hardly tell anything
about their company are truly ingenious because not much needs to be said, their policies and the number of happy customers
speak for themselves.

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