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 Progressive Insurance offers one of the most interesting concepts that I have ever seen used to try to get a customer to inquire about their rates. I wish more industries would take this approach because it is so unique and fascinating. Progressive advertises that when you are looking to purchase auto insurance you should not call around other companies to get their quotes. If you call Progressive, they will of course give you their quote, as well as a quote from each of their competitors. This is an excellent business strategy for countless reasons. One is that you will want to call them before calling anywhere else to save time because they will give you quotes from numerous companies all at once. Another reason is that in the event that they are not the cheapest offering, they are able to begin to tell you right away why their service is worth the price difference. I think that's a great idea and business strategy. If you're curious to see what Progressive has to say about their prices against the competitors, go ahead and give them a call.

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