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Are You in Good Hands With Allstate Insurance?


In their advertising promotions, Allstate Insurance makes the claim that when you are a client of theirs, “You are in good hands.” I was curious to know how true this statement was. I did some research online about the company to see if people had numerous bad things to say about the insurance and service that they provided. The most effective way to do this is to use a search engine to find people saying that the service that you are trying to investigate “sucks.” So in this case I did a Google search for the query “Allstate Insurance Sucks” to get a quick overview of how many people had complaints about the service. To my surprise there were more results than I expected. Even one site entitled “Allstate Insurance Sucks.” I'm not done quite yet though. The most interesting thing that I found was that for almost every person that was dissatisfied with the service, another person completely loved it. It all seemed to balance out. The bottom line here is that Allstate Insurance, like any other service you could get, has fans and supporters as well as people that are dissatisfied. Just be sure the service is right for you before choosing it, and the first time you begin to feel that you need better service, start looking elsewhere.

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