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Auto Theft and Auto Insurance

Auto theft is big business and a very real threat to your vehicle. In fact, auto thefts to the tune of $8 billion are reported every year. Auto theft is covered under all auto insurance policies. The terms of the insurance may vary with the car model and area you stay in. If you own a car that is a favorite with carjackers or you live in a part of town notorious for auto theft, then you could end up paying higher premium. California, Texas, and Florida are states that usually top the list for car thefts every year.

The extent to which your auto insurance covers auto theft will vary with the insurance company. Therefore it is in your interest to find out if the auto company will fully cover your loss and out-of-pocket expenses as well.

The best position to be in is to retain possession of your car. In order to do you need to consider if the theft-protection devices installed by the manufacturers are good enough. Keep copies of car information with you so that you can immediately inform the police and give them the information. The information includes the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), license number, color, make, etc. Inform the insurance company as well. The promptness of your action could well determine whether you get the vehicle back or if it is stolen, it will determine the insurance company’s attitude to your claim. Insurance companies offer a replacement rental as a part of the policy and it is a good idea to avail this because a year’s rental on policy will cost less than renting a car for two days otherwise.   

In the states of Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island you are eligible for a discount on auto insurance if you choose to install anti-theft devices in your car. So in these states it is a good idea to get the anti-theft devices preinstalled at the car showroom itself.

So lock your car doors, never keep the ignition running and go, do not keep spare keys in the car, and do not keep expensive stuff in the car to tempt thieves.

When selecting a car to purchase you may wish to factor in auto insurance rates into the decision. Research online and compare auto insurance rates and insurance features before deciding upon an auto insurance policy.

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