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Auto Insurance Demystified part two

Here are the names of a few companies that offer non-standard auto insurance policies – Allstate, Dairyland, Farmers, Leaders, Nationwide, Progressive, etc. If you’re having difficulty in getting an auto insurance policy you can try with these reputable insurance companies.

If you are not eligible for insurance in the non-standard market then, for example in the state of Washington you can get in touch with the Automobile Insurance Plan. It’s a special coverage available to the residents of Washington; to be eligible for it you need to be a resident of Washington or a member of the defense services; you should not be in any auto insurance debt; and you must have a Washington state driver’s license.

The state of Washington is systematic in assessing auto insurance costs. Insurance companies are to prepare and submit their rates for review; the rates are to be backed by financial data so that the Office of the Insurance Commissioner can approve the request. Often insurance companies base their premium amounts on the driving skills of all members in a family.

There are several factors that go into the deciding of a “base rate” for the premium. Your age, gender, marital status, driving record, driving route and frequency, claims, area, credit record, model and make of your vehicle, etc are all factors that go into deciding the base rate.

If there are youngsters under 25 years of age there is every chance that your family will be charged a higher premium as statistically it is youngsters who are involved more in auto accidents. Similarly young men under the age of 25 years are more likely to get into a car accident per miles driven as against any other population group. It is a statistical fact that married people pay lower premiums and have lower accident rates as compared single individuals. The type of vehicle is a major consideration; sports vehicles and expensive fast cars usually driven by youngsters are stolen more often and involved more often in accidents. Their parts are expensive, they cost more to repair and hence cost more to insure. The area in which your vehicle operates or the area of your residence has a bearing on the premium. Areas with high crime rates and places where there are an unusually high number of accidents increase both vehicle liability as well as the premiums.

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